In this episodewe spoke to designer and illustrator Dan Stiles from Portland, Oregon.

This was recorded during the Adobe MAX conference where we were surrounded by some international superstars, so we broke our own rules and made Dan our first non-ANZ guest. We also took the opportunity to give a quick run down of what we were seeing on the first day of the conference and how we were feeling about it.

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An A-list panel of experts discuss retail trends – whether digital or storefront – on this week’s Biz503.  Join Mark Grimes of NedSpace and Perry Gruber of Copiosis and the Transamorous Network this Friday at 1 p.m. for a lively panel discussion about Reinventing Retail. Tune into the stream at PRP.fm or join us at 99.1 fm in the heart of Portland.

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Many thanks to the fine folks at The LA Times for featuring my Black Metal Kitteh pillow in their Hot Home Ideas and Resources for 2016 feature. The pillows are available in my store.

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From November 10 through December 24 my wife and I will have a Pop-Up shop at 438 NW Broadway in Portland OR, along Draplin Design Company and Folk. We started with a leaky, gutted industrial space, and turned it into a showroom with about 7 days of around the clock work.

Beyond giving us a brick and mortar store where we can sell for the holidays, it's also allowing me to experiment with some new products that I don't typically make.

This also marks one of the first times that my wife and I can sell our complete lines together in the same place. Mel has been selling her Stubborn jewelry all over the nation for the past ten years, but we rarely have the opportunity to show together.

We've been getting a ton of media attention


Shop shop shop! Buy buy buy! Everyone hates the consumer feeding frenzy that the holidays have become. And nothing embodies this vile form of consumerism more than knuckle draggers duking it out at 4am over a half price TV at Walmart. But this year, for the first year in my life, I’m a retailer. We have a pop-up shop, which isn’t quite as real as a genuine store, but nevertheless I find myself looking forward to Black Friday. Do you know why it’s called Black Friday? Because it’s the day retailers hope to get out of the red (debt) and into the black (profits) for the holiday season. Like all retailers we've invested quite a bit of money into inventory and setting up the shop. Money we don’t know if we’ll ever see again. So the notion of hordes of shoppers descending upon our store like locusts sounds marvelous.

We have become accustomed to dismissing everything in this world. Like petulant teenagers who know it all. Sometimes it’s good to look at situations from a new angle. Like when I hired people and became a boss for the first time, suddenly I saw work and employment in a whole new light. Reversing the roles and appreciating what it takes to run a profitable business is a learning experience. I still squirm at the thought of mouth breathers savagely beating one another for bargains. But the idea that people may come in, appreciate what we make enough to buy it, and move my store from being a money loser to a money maker sounds great to me.

Come on in, we’re open and we would love to see you.


XXXXXXX, thank you for contacting me. After 20 years of relentless work in the fields of design and illustration it is nice to hear that I am now considered an “influencer.” I’ve heard of brands contacting influencers, such as myself, looking to leverage our Instagram accounts to advertise their goods to an audience that is too savvy to be swayed by standard advertising. In this case it seems that you want me to advertise a design contest to other creative professionals where the winner takes home $10,000 after designing packaging for a major multinational brand valued at over $1 billion. The losers get nothing for their time because they are, after all, total losers.

I’m very familiar with the type of product you’re looking to have designed. Having, in the last several months, completed similar projects for Nike, Google, Coca-Cola, and Ford. Here is what I propose. Instead of asking the creative community to work for free. And instead of getting the type of low quality product that comes from free labor. I suggest you skip the contest and hire me directly. $20,000 should be enough to cover my time and the rights to international usage for one year. $30,000 for a straight buy out. Then once we’re done I can put the completed design up on my Instagram and influence some people to buy it.

I have time to start next week after I wrap a few things up. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Stiles